Shopkeeper Scott featured on Restarting America Podcast

Timeless Toys' Scott Friedland featured on Restarting America Podcast

Currently, the spread of Coronavirus has impacted many businesses, especially in larger cities like Chicago where it has led many to temporarily close.  While a large number of businesses have already reopened, the effects of COVID-10 will continue to be felt long after resuming activity

Scott Friedland, the Shopkeeper of Timeless Toys and Timeless Tots in Chicago, was recently featured on the Restarting America podcast.  In the podcast episode, Friedland discusses how the current health pandemic has affected his company and how they are adapting to new circumstances. 

One aspect that Friedland is striving to maintain at this time is his involvement with the local community. 

"We're not just here to let people know we're selling toys, we're here to make sure people know we have a good, thriving community," emphasized Friedland.

Friedland shares about how the Coronavirus pandemic has not only affected his businesses, but also his life in general as a leader in the Indiana Army National Guard.  According to Friedland, about two weeks into the Coronavirus pandemic, he was called up to the Indiana Army National Guard.  During his service, he provided life support transport for hospitals and assisted with setting up testing facilities.  The duration of Friedland's service lasted for a month and a half. 

"I'm happy that I was able to go down there and do my part of helping society and be a resource for the state to use to help this move along faster." Friedland said. 

97 Switch, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, created Restarting America to talk about how business owners are handling the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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