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Talking to kids about serious issues

In the wake of COVID-19 I started thinking about how to talk to kids about serious issues like this.  How much should we be telling them? How do we tell them the truth without panic setting in?  How do we give them just enough information so they can form their own opinions and not just take ours? There is a lot to consider when talking to a child about these types of things and honestly, there is probably no right way to do it.

I think it starts with a conversation between the parties involved in raising the child.  A conversation that needs to take place beforehand.  About a month ago, our dog, Mikey, passed away.  He died while we were all home and we went into reaction mode.  While at the vet saying our final goodbyes, our 2 year old son naturally had a lot of questions.  First and foremost, what's Mikey doing? My natural instincts took over. Wanting to protect him from death at such a young age, I told him that Mikey was sleeping.  My wife quickly stepped and and explained th…

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